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in Carinthia/Millstättersee

A warm welcome to my Ayurveda page. I am pleased that you are interested in the Ayurveda retreat. The Healing Woman Ayurveda Retreat takes place exclusively and only for 4 women .


You have never experienced Ayurveda up close

Everything takes place in an apartment. We cook in front of you, you get your massages and treatments directly in the apartment and you don't have to leave the house if you don't want to.

You are surrounded by wonderful, untouched nature , in about 10 minutes by car you can reach Lake Millstättersee for a little splash around or a boat trip. 

I'll take you to powerful places in Carinthia,   we meditate on huge old rocks right next to the mountain stream, we say goodbye to old habits with a shamanic ritual and are completely with ourselves, find our way back to our center._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Every day you will be pampered with an Ayurveda massage that is tailored specifically to you and Dag Weinmann , 4 ladies, will provide you with the most delicious recipes from the Ayurvedic kitchen throughout the week.


































The retreat also includes

  • 6 nights in a double room (you share the room with a 2nd person)

  • Ayurveda full board

  • Ayurvedic welcome gifts

  • Welcome drink on the day of arrival

  • Transfer from Klagenfurt airport or Spittal/Drau train station (back and forth)

The apartment


  • 2 bedrooms each approx. 16sqm with double bed, couch or armchair, one with walk-in closet. Balcony.

  • 1 bathroom all made of marble and serpentine (made by the house owner himself), walk-in shower, large bathtub, vanity. 

  • Living room with its own wellness sculpture "Ovodarium", in which every lady can slide into deep relaxation after the massage.

  • You live in the countryside, in front of a unique mountain backdrop.

  • A comfortable and cosily furnished apartment with special extras for holistic relaxation awaits you.

  • You share the room with one other person. This is also ideal, for example, for a trip with your mother, your sister or your best friend.

energy exchange

€ 1,945,-

If you book by June 30th, 2022, you will receive a 5% discount on the total price

If you prefer to stay overnight externally (hotel or other guesthouse), this can also be booked. 

3 questions for you

  • Are you ready to take yourself out of your daily obligations and just be there for yourself?

  • Are you ready to consciously listen to your inner voice again?

  • Are you ready to go in search of your individual center?

Yes? Then this retreat will change your life!

5 reasons why the retreat is just right for you!

  • You let yourself be pampered with high-quality Ayurvedic cuisine for a week and feel the effect of a healthy and wholesome Tridosha diet .

  • You find out who you really are and what your body and mind need to be healthy .

  • Every day you can enjoy an Ayurveda massage that is individually tailored to you and brings you back into balance.

  • You learn not to make your inner happiness dependent on things on the outside.

  • You collect wonderful new experiences and can exchange ideas with a small circle of like-minded people.

  • You will learn how to continue to integrate Ayurveda into your life and thus benefit in the long term from its healing effects on your body, mind and soul. 

Your Healing Woman Retreat Program

  • 1x daily Ayurveda massage : e.g. a total of 2x Abhyanga  (full body massage), 1x Padabhyanga (foot massage), 1x Mukabhyanga (face massage), 1x Upanahasveda (back massage).

  • 1x Constitution Assessment : We explore your physical and mental constitution to see what you should balance.

  • 1x advice on Ayurvedic nutrition tailored to your constitution.

  • 1x shamanic fire ritual : We say goodbye to an old habit that you want to let go of.

  • 2x daily joint meditation : in the morning and in the evening (among other things at extraordinary places of power)

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Are you ready for your relaxation week?

then write me now...

I am glad that you have chosen YOU!
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